About Us

Our mission is to create an easy, hassle free way for new artists to build their reputation by providing the tools they need to create their presence that is both affordable and profitable.

I want to create no delusions.

We are a small business owned and operated by passionate people who have direct experience with the troubles that you face as you strive to build your career.

We are a collective of writers and artists who have been working in the Indie comics business for several years. We Believe that one of the most important ways to enrich life today and for future generations is through the expanded awareness of art in all its forms. Humanity benefits in extraordinary ways through the advancement of creative endeavors.  By this philosophy we concluded one day that we could use the knowledge that we’ve gained, lessons we’ve learned, relationships we’ve built and connections we’ve made in our own network to help accelerate the promising careers of others.

Our network is very rapidly expanding. As the months go on our rates will adjust and probably improve as we add better technology and negotiate better deals with our vendors.

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